MY HEAVENLY DREAM by Lawrence A. Kelley III © 2008

How could I, So much without love

Come to speak secret things, From Heaven above?

Born of my need, Only Love I desired

I flew angel speed, To Heaven up Higher

I saw things so dear, My eyes were made new

A splendor so clear, Like the first morning dew

What there I did hear, Made my heart all anew

It was given me there, To share it with you

The Love in that place, Is beyond all desire

They call it God’s grace, In Heaven up Higher

It was given to me, But is not mine to keep

It’s your, too, you see, So to stars we can leap!

This Glorious Love, I knew in my sleep

From High up above, In my heart now so deep

Just dream of  Love Pure, All the Love you desire

It’s yours to be sure, From Heaven up Higher

This Love in my dream, So unknown just before

To stars must I stream, To sense it once more?

This Love I know true, In my heart tho’ broken

Is all here for you, In these tender words spoken:

I Love you, We Love you, Three words o’ so dear

From His Heaven up High, To Your hearts down here

November 5, 2008    1 am

Malachi 4:5-6

Joel 2:28-32


April 21, 2009


Dear Brother and Sisters Everywhere in Ha- Adonai Yeshua ben Yo’vah, The Lord Jesus Son of God:

I share with you just two poems that I’ve been blessed to write to give glory to the God of Israel.  I share with you also what happened to cause them to be written and hope this blesses you.

In 2008, I was falsely accused and imprisoned in the Pinellas county jail in Clearwater, Florida. I had all of my personal and business property stolen, the latter containing millions of dollars in trade secrets. At the time these poems were written, I had been beaten 3 times by jail guards for speaking out against some illegal and corrupt things I had witnessed in the jail and the Pinellas courts, things I could not believe could occur in an American jail or courtroom. I had never felt such heartache and pain inside. John Gotti, Jr. was also there and said, “God bless you,” to everyone he spoke to. I had prayed for his salvation. His co-defendant, John Burke, was also there and one day I spoke to him face to face. All of this was confusing and heartbreaking to me.

On the night of November 4, 2008, Election night, I was so badly brokenhearted that everything seemed so against me. Why God, I asked? What have I done to displease you and deserve this? What will happen now? And how will all of this end? I felt horribly alone.

I was reading a book by Noel Jones, an African-American minister in California. It was entitled, The Battle for the Mind. It had been sent into the jail by the Prison Book Fellowship here in Florida. I received it from an African-American inmate who was also falsely accused of a crime he did not commit. The book related how the devil wages intellectual battle for your mind.

Indeed, the devil and his demons had so swarmed over me that they were urging me to deny Christ and God so they would end their horrific assault. It was a night of deep darkness. But upon reading a section of the book, I struggled one last time in prayer. I began thanking and praising God for the false accusations, the loss of all that I had worked for in life, the abandonment by all the so-called fellow believers I knew, and even my own family members. I came to confess that He was there and in control and would not abandon me as all others had. The evil spirits departed and the assault ended. I felt a wave of relief. But the pain in my heart did not subside.

I prayed and asked God that, above all else, He would at least let me come to know and experience real, true Christian love in this life before I died. I wanted nothing else. My life had been one of longing for real love, the wonderful kind that is spoken of in the Bible but never known to me so far in my life. I realized I could name no one that loved me; and that I was indeed unloved. And I cried myself to sleep. Sometime thereafter, I was awoken by an angel of God who told me to take his hand. There was no sense of fear at all. And this is God’s truth: Perfect love casts out fear. Acts 12:5-10 & I John 4: 17-19. And, one day to come, it will be gone from us forever.

As soon as I took his hand, we departed and flew at a blinding speed passing through and by spheres of color that were so brilliant and nothing like we know, even with all the new technologies we have. I had an incredible lightness of being and sense of freedom that can only be described as an absence of all that we know as negative. And then we arrived in Heaven.

I cannot relate to you in words that are adequate what the splendor and beauty of Heaven is like. Suffice it to say that the very best we have here and known to us as paradises on earth, such as all the lush tropical areas, flowers, trees and beaches, etc., cannot compare to what is there. It is a place of surreal beauty with shapes and designs that are so fantastic and extraordinary. The very sense of Love is as if in every breath and all that is done there is done in Love to glorify God. They hug and kiss each other with every greeting and are so very happy and joyous. It was everything I had never seen or had on this earth. They build, create, and do all manner of things with the power of their spoken words; it simply comes about when they agree in love to do something. It is awesome and wondrous to see, and so very thrilling to know that we have the ability to create by His Loving power alone. It is indeed the power within us each, if we would only let it rule our hearts above all else. For, one day to come, this is our true destiny, to so Love and create in the Beauty of God’s perfect Love, forever and ever, without end. Perfect love creates only beauty upon beauty, and there is no end to the glory of it. I cannot wait to get back there again.

I did not see the whole of it since it seems to go on forever. There are definitely levels of Heaven where those who persevered most for God in their faith and work are stationed, and the things they do. There is an instant cognition of who they are and what they did while on earth. Paul speaks of the man taken up to the “third heaven,” and there were levels where I did not go. Perhaps the term, “seventh heaven” is all too true. I was so regenerated by what I saw that there are no words to describe it. But this without doubt I know: God is Love, it is the very essence of His being, and we were designed to be Loving beings where all that we do is to advance God’s Love and His Truth, for Him and for each other, and His creation, forever, without end. I John Chp. 1-5.

When it was over, I was surrounded by a great company of saints, all of whom looked at me and said, both individually and collectively, “I Love you,” and “We Love you.” It felt so wonderful to know that, in addition to God Himself, there were indeed so many others that Loved me as well. I did not want leave. But the time came and the angel, Palmoni, took my hand. He is the chief angel of the prophets and delivered the messages to Daniel and others. As it is said in the book of Joel, in these last days God will pour out His Spirit on all flesh to bring the prophecies He has, both to Bless and build up His Church and to reveal, expose and judge the evil among us. Joel 2:28-32.

On December 16, 2008, I acted as my own defense counsel and tried the false repeat violence injunction charge to a jury. After a one day trial, the jury found me not guilty after just 20 minutes of deliberation and I was set free from jail. I went to stay with a friend in Clearwater Beach and began to rebuild my shattered life. I had no idea what the Lord was doing in my life but anxious to know.

May my God, the God of Israel, Bless all who read this Ever so Richly for all the days of your lives. Believe in the Truth as spoken by Jesus Christ, the Son of God and the Virgin Mary. And may you sit at my table, in my house, and I in yours, in the Heaven to come. The prophets foretold are coming very soon. The House of Jacob shall now rise up before the Lord and His Church. A flame will start in the house of Edom and spread across the Middle East. I am a Messianic Jew of the tribe of Asher, the most blessed of sons. Deut. 33:24-29. And I humbly remain,

By His Grace,

Lawrence Kelley