MY HEAVENLY DREAM by Lawrence A. Kelley III © 2008

How could I, So much without love

Come to speak secret things, From Heaven above?

Born of my need, Only Love I desired

I flew angel speed, To Heaven up Higher

I saw things so dear, My eyes were made new

A splendor so clear, Like the first morning dew

What there I did hear, Made my heart all anew

It was given me there, To share it with you

The Love in that place, Is beyond all desire

They call it God’s grace, In Heaven up Higher

It was given to me, But is not mine to keep

It’s your, too, you see, So to stars we can leap!

This Glorious Love, I knew in my sleep

From High up above, In my heart now so deep

Just dream of  Love Pure, All the Love you desire

It’s yours to be sure, From Heaven up Higher

This Love in my dream, So unknown just before

To stars must I stream, To sense it once more?

This Love I know true, In my heart tho’ broken

Is all here for you, In these tender words spoken:

I Love you, We Love you, Three words o’ so dear

From His Heaven up High, To Your hearts down here

November 5, 2008    1 am

Joel 2:28-32